Friday, July 30, 2010


Camera: Canon SX200 IS
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Date: May, 2009

OK, so technically these shots were taken in late spring, but it *felt* like summer which is what counts. I had just bought my new Canon at the time, and experimented with these shots around the house.

He wore his brightest jacket to match the day...

Japanese Maple post-sunshower

A Different Perspective

The flowers were spent, but the lily continued to flourish

  A tiny remainder from a Bonsai tree

The following shots clearly display my love for Dianthus...

The 'Woods' Where My Childhood Imagination Grew...

...Up and Up...

...til I came face to face with a Jolly Green Giant!

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Roaming Gnomette said...

I always wanted woods nearby as a kid for some mystery and intrigue, but Miami is too bright and sunny and flat and, well, unforesty.

Love the last shot in particular.