Saturday, April 30, 2011

Magna Luna

Camera: Canon SX 200IS
Location: Miami, FL
Dates: March 19, 2011

The following shots were taken when the moon was a super "perigree moon," which NASA describes as the biggest in almost 20 years. Apparently the best time to see the difference in size is during sunset, when the moon is near the horizon. I was unable to do this, but it looked rather beautiful and was definitely brighter than normal to me near midnight, which is when I snapped these shots. I think if I had a better camera, I would've been able to get closer shots.


ess bee said...

Hey Jen! It's Sarah (your new philosophy friend). I didn't know you were a photographer, too. These are beautiful. I especially like the third photo down from the top. The palm fronds dwarf the super moon, I like the shot!

JEN said...

Thank you! Yeah, I like the palm fronds one b/c I think it looks like an outstretched arm (and fingers/frongs) pointing toward the moon.

Do you have a photostream or blog? (I'm trying to link my flikr to this blog.)

ess bee said...

I added your blog to my feed reader, so I will automatically see your updates when they are posted. :). I *do* have a blog, it's pretty dang silly but check it out when you have NOTHING else to do!

JEN said...

awesome! I'll add it to my feed too. I have another blog (not photo) that started out as a a travel blog, but then shifted to my travels in the cesspool of online dating, among other things. If you need a good laugh (more like a mild chuckle, check it out.)